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Outdoor baths

    • 樓露天湯4
    • 樓露天湯1
    • 樓露天湯3
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    • _戶外洞窟式水療1
    Open hours
    • Weekday:AM 07:30~11:00、PM 17:00~22:00
    • Weekend:10:00~22:00
    • Tuesday is a clean day.

    • Adult $300元、Child $250
      (outdoor and indoor bathing)
    • Staying visitors are free.
  • Relaxation, Wellness, Nature

    Experience pure relaxation, healing and wellness using natural therapies to rebirth your body and mind. 

    The purest hot spring originates from Yushan, consisting of 11 mountain peaks with the highest, the Main Peak standing at 3952 meters. 
    Hotel Tilun Dongpu hot springs, spa.