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Meeting Holiday
Meeting Holiday

Capacity Size/Square feet Max. person Floor Price Room Rental
Convention Center-Lele room 5300 400p 9F 15,000 A:09:00~12:00
Theater-Yunlong room 1425 77p 2F 6,600 C:18:00~21:00
U shape-Yinyu room 890 18p 2F 3,300 B:14:00~17:00
  1. Offer free coffee, water, microphones, audio equipment, projector, white board, and etc.
  2. A: moring time 09:00~12:00; B: afternoon time 14:00~17:00; C: night time 18:00~21:00
Yinyu room
乙女廳 乙女廳

Yunlong room
雲龍廳 雲龍廳

Lele convention center
玉山國際會議廳 玉山國際會議廳

The purest hot spring originates from Yushan, consisting of 11 mountain peaks with the highest, the Main Peak standing at 3952 meters. 
Hotel Tilun Dongpu hot springs, spa.